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Food & RecipesMeat contains a number of minerals such as zinc and iron, and selenium. When compared with plant foods, red meat contains very high quantities of iron. Iron helps in forming hemoglobin that distributes oxygen throughout your body. A lac

Although it seems too good to be true, dark chocolate can actually be good for you! When consumed in moderation, this delicious treat has some powerful health benefits. Following are three of the major reasons to indulge:

The health benefits of tamarind have been well-studied and include the ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body, improve eye health, boost respiratory health, heal skin conditions, improve the digestive system, relieve pain, increase the st

Beans provide myriad health benefits, and they fit into several different food groups: Although they are rich in complex carbs like breads and starches, as a plant-based food, they feel right at home in the vegetable group, offering an array of vitam

Apart from being pleasing to the taste buds, these small fruits are packed with nutrients which can reduce the risk of many illnesses as well as treat symptoms of other medical conditions. Following are the health benefits of black cherry.

Chamomile is an herb that refers to a range of different daisy like plants, which are a member ofAsteraceaefamily. Chamomile has been used in traditional medicine for many centuries by healers of different cultures including the Egyptians and the Gre

Air conditioning is truly much more than just a luxury home-appliance. It has become an essential machine in getting through hot, sultry, and sticky days. It also provides comfort during chilly winter months. A major advantages of installing such an

In our experience, continued, and persistent use of high quality Maca promotes improvement in the hormonal, physical and emotional states of regular people everyday. That said, we’ve also noticed a significant amount of misleading or hyperbolic infor

Lemon water’s primary ingredient is, of course, water. Flavoring your water with fresh lemon to make it more palatable can help its appeal, making you likely to reach for it more often. And drinking enough water is essential for optimal health. It’s

Most vegetables are packed with complex carbohydrates, which break down into sugars in your body. This is a slow process, which prevents an unnatural rise in the blood sugar levels, and therefore, they are able to provide a consistent amount of energ

Zinc is an important mineral required for countless reactions and functions in the body, including proper growth and immune function, DNA synthesis, cell division and cellular metabolism. The highest concentrations of zinc in the body are found in th

“Silicon is involved in normal bone growth and calcification, and the formation of collagen and connective tissues such as tendons. Silicon is found in most foods, and the body only needs small amounts for dietary purposes. Excellent sources of sili